Sunday, August 2, 2015

Session 66 & 67 - House of a Hundred Doors

  • Back in Fort Drelev, the armies of the Red March are dispatched to Littletown to investigate the rumors of a second wyvern army.
  • Teleporting to Irovetti's palace, a battle for the ages happens in his throne room.  Villamor Koth and an ogre mage are slain in the battle, but Irovetti manages to teleport away with the ogre mage's corpse.  The party retreats with a dead Baron Roden in tow.
  • After raising Roden from the dead, they return to Irovetti's palace.
  • The find a fighting arena in the palace and slay a gargoyle and his hellhounds in the dungeons below the arena.
  • Using Ed's locate object spell they track Irovetti to an underground natural chamber partially underwater.  The final confrontation with Irovetti, an ogre mage, and a naga takes place.  The heroes prevail and Irovetti is slain.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Session 65 - The Ghostly Gardener

  • Evindra, beautiful captive fey
  • In the cemetery, the overgrown foliage and ground rise up in great mounds and attack.
  • Will-o-wisps haunt the basement cells of the chapel.
  • A cave is found next to the ruined winery and followed into a cavern under the well.  The rage-filled ghost of the gardener haunts the cave and defends his home.  Evindra is found locked within an exquisite water clock.  She pleads for the PCs to find her shawl and return it to her.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Session 64 - Whiterose Abbey

  • The armies of the Red March are victorious at Wyvernstone Bridge and reclaim Fort Drelev.
  • While the soldiers rest, the group takes off to Whiterose Hill, where they have heard rumors of a possible doomsday device in the making, leveraging the supposed magical font at the Abbey.
  • Whiterose Hill is long abandoned, but they experience strange sights and sounds during their searching.
  • In the Abbey, they are ambushed by Pitax soldiers led by an elusive wererat, and find several interesting books that suggest the gardener desired a tome written in Aklo.
  • The session ends on the 15th of Erastus.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Session 62 & 63 - Battle of Wyrmstone Bridge

  • Hung around Pitax after the tournament for a few days.  Asked around town about a rumor of a vampire living in caves under the city.
  • Headed into the hills north of Fort Drelev to explore.  Ran into some Golden Gorgers.
  • Fort Drelev was occupied by a Pitax army.
  • A deal was made with the M'botuu tribe of boggards.  The Red March will provide them arms and armor.  In return the M'botuu will subjugate the other boggard tribes to fight under one banner.
  • Magic and labor was used to add more defenses to hold Wyrmstone Bridge against the invading Pitax army.
  • The Red March army was mustered and the favor of allies called upon, the Nomen providing centaur archers and the Blackscale tribe providing skirmishers.
  • The Battle of Wyrmstone Bridge begins...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Session 61 - Rushlight Tournament

  • Madame Duclarion
  • Nunzio Arpaia, master of ceremonies
  • King Irovetti
  • Martro Livondar, ruler of Daggermark
  • Marnius Cherlorne, ruler of Gralton
  • Raston Selline, ruler of Mivon
  • Ullorth Ungrin, ruler of Tymon

  • Visit the mysterious Madame Duclarion's Menagerie, where she gives her card if they PCs are ever interested in making arrangements with her for securing the fantastic and fabulous for her show.
  • An audience with King Irovetti where some small chat occurs.
  • The first event it is an archery contest which Daggermark wins.
  • The second event is a test of skill in the axe where logs are chopped down, that Red March wins.
  • The third event is one of boasting, which Daggermark wins.
  • The last event, the Midnight Joust is won by Pitax, with Red March winning the right to joust against the former champion.

Session 60 - Pitax

  • Drey Yarnes, priest of Calistria
  • Atalia Gitaren, headmistress of the Pitax Academy of the Arts
  • The city of Pitax, Tarnished Jewel of the River Kingdoms, is explored.
  • The market at the Square of the Common Man proves to be a minefield for charlatan's selling false wares.
  • At Calistria's Cathedral they meet Drey Yarnes, the resident priest and notorious bachelor.  He explains many of the current going-ons in the city.
  • The Falling Star Tavern ran by the fallen Liacenza bandit house, is busy with young conspirators and those who wish to voice their opinions of the government.
  • The Academy of the Arts is ran by Headmistress Atalia Gitaren, whose students spew out publicly funded affronts to good taste.
  • The Red Crescent Theater puts on a play that is poor, crude, violent, and borderline pornographic, with bad actors.

Session 59 - Armag The Twice-Dead

  • A dozen animated skeletons found in a cavern knee deep in bones.
  • Zorek, the guardian of the tomb is fought in an inner temple to Gorum.
  • Armag The Twice-Born is slain along with his bloody skeleton champions.  The greatsword he wields, Ovinrbaane, is dumped into the portable pit, untouched.